Server Updates

Photo by Patrik Kernstock on Unsplash


There are some important server updates we are implementing over the next week.  We are running upgrades on some of our hosting infrastructure overnight on the following nights: Thursday 23rd February, Sunday 26th February and Monday 27th February.

As part of this upgrade we need to request that no updates are made to your Life Events Diary from 12:30am through to 5:30am on the nights these upgrades take place. Any changes made during this time may not be saved following the upgrade. We will be displaying a warning message on the login page so that any of your LED users will be alerted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but by doing this out of hours we hope to minimise issues with when people are wanting to update their site.


Friday 24th February - 7:15am
The upgrades have completed. Donations and ticket bookings continued to go through during the upgrade

Friday 24th February - 6:30am
The upgrades have almost completed - please refrain from making changes to your LED account

Friday 24th February - 5:30am
The upgrades are still completing - please refrain from making changes to your LED account

Friday 24th February - 1:25am
The LED experienced 5 minutes of downtime as part of the upgrade process - apologies if you were using LED at the time.

Friday 24th February - 12:30am
The updates have now started. Login to the Life Events Diary is still available for viewing but changes will not be saved at the moment.

Thursday 23rd February - 10:25pm
The updates are still scheduled to be run tonight.

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