Funerals in the Life Events Diary

“A church will always be there to help families through one of life’s most difficult times. A Church of England-led funeral is available to everyone, giving support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed.”

The LED helps you manage the funeral planning processes professionally, efficiently and sensitively. 

From the first bereavement visit to arranging the funeral and supporting the family afterwards, the LED has the flexibility to reflect all the options for a Church of England-led funeral. 

Use the LED for funerals to:

  • Receive funeral requests via your parish website using an embedded form which is connected to your LED account. There is a field included for funeral directors’ enquiries.
  • Record details of each funeral - choose any combination of options for the arrangements, including dates for separate committals or burials of ashes.
  • Generate a shareable, step-by-step running order of the whole funeral, so the family and everyone else involved knows where they need to be and when.
  • Keep track of individual funeral costs using the finance tools.

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