I use the Pastoral Services Diary

Thank you for using the Pastoral Services Diary (PSD). We've listened carefully to the feedback from users of the PSD which identified bugs and informed us about how it could work even better for you. But rather than simply patching up the old, we’ve had it rebuilt from the ground up and added many new features too…

Accounts from the Pastoral Services Diary will migrated for you by the team at iKnow. They will be migrated in batches so that iKnow can fully support churches as they move to using the new Life Events Dairy (LED). Until you hear from iKnow it’s business as usual with the Pastoral Services Diary for your church.
While you’re waiting for your turn to migrate, take a look at some of the features we’ve added and improved on the Life Events Diary based on user feedback:

  • The venue at which each part of a funeral is held (eg service, crem, burial of ashes) is now listed
  • There’s a heat-mapped calendar on the Dashboard so you can see your busiest days and a full grid calendar available too
  • You can add bespoke roles, assign users to those roles, and notify them of new services and updates
  • Funerals now has a fees tool which is based on the Church of England fees structure
  • The weddings finance section has become a wedding fees tool for you to add your own optional extras and calculate totals in addition to being able to enter payments received
  • Weddings and funerals now have service planning tools allowing you to create running orders and keep note of who’s doing what in a service (eg sister of the bride reading 1 Corinthians 13 etc)
  • There are now forms which you can embed into your own website (one for each service and one for all three combined)
  • You can now track GDPR consent (where legitimate interest isn’t compatible)
  • You can send emails to individuals or groups of People from within the LED
  • You can send text messages to individuals or groups of People from within the LED (at the time of writing text messages cost 3.6p each including VAT. Authorisation to send texts can be restricted to specific users on your LED account)
  • You can create and print letters (complete with your church’s letterhead) for individuals or groups of People from within the LED
  • You can add People already in the Life Events Diary into any Service

There is a list of other features for each service on our features page. It doesn’t stop there though, because we’re already planning and the first update after launch which will bring even more new and improved functionality.
The LED has been built as a module on top of the iKnow Church administration software. The LED is free for Church of England churches to use (just as the PSD was).
Feedback regarding the PSD included requests for functionality which was outside the remit of the Life Events department. This meant that while we have been able to add a lot of new functionality, there are some things which the Life Events department haven’t been able to fund. However, iKnow Church already included much of the additional functionality churches were requesting…
There is no requirement whatsoever for churches to upgrade to the full version of iKnow Church, but if churches do want to upgrade to the full version (and get telephone support from iKnow for the LED, pastoral visiting, rota, donation, ticketing and events functionality) then they can do so at a discounted rate (details of which are on the iKnow page) which we have negotiated for Church of England churches.

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