The Finder module can be used to create live searches of varying complexity to run on your Life Events Diary People Database. If you wanted to find everyone who had married in your Church in the last year and lived in a certain postcode area, you can do this in Finder.

You can access the Finder module from your Dashboard.



To begin building your first search, click on ‘New’



From here, you can add the component parts to your search criteria. For example, I’m going to produce a search for everyone who lives in the B90 postcode area, and was married in the last 3 months.



You can add in your components for the search criteria from the drop down options. To add another level to your query, click on the Green Plus icon to add a Child query or the Blue Arrow to add a Sibling query. These two query types vary the results that are provided.

For example, if you wanted to find every Male in the LED who had either a phone number or an email address. You will need to set the first level query to Demographic > Gender > Male

You will then need to click the Green Plus icon to ‘Add a Child’ and set the second level to User Profile > Has Phone.  You will the need to click the Blue Arrow to 'Add a Sibling’ to add a third level User Profile > Has Email and set the Operator to ‘Or’. This search will then operate by initially finding all the Males, and then, from that result, searching for everyone who has either a phone number or an email address.



You can add as many levels as you need to produce as simple, or as complex criteria, as you need.

Once you have added your levels to the search criteria, give the search a name on the right and save it as either a ‘Global’ or a ‘Personal’ Search. Global searches can be accessed by anyone with access to the People Database whereas only you will be able to view the results of Personal searches.

Click the ‘Save’ button to save your search. You will now be able to access your search within the People module.



To see the results of the Search that you have just created, go to People. Click on either Global Searches or My Searches, depending on how you saved your Search. You should now see your new search and any previously created searches. Simply click the search name to run a live search on the database. It will now show you everyone on your system who meets the criteria for which you have searched. You can launch the Communication Suite, in order to get in touch with them, by clicking the ‘Contact this Group’ button at the top of the list.




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