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Life Events Diary Webinars
New dates for Webinars!
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After Service follow ups
Following up with families in the weeks and months after their special service has a really positive impact on church growth. These are just some occasions to invite families to church, along with resources and downloads to help.
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First Impressions: Weddings
A really key finding in research conducted by the Church of England was an understanding of how couples really feel when they approach a church for a wedding. With the right response, this crucial moment could be the beginning of a long term connection. Read on to discover the things that worry couples, and what can be done to make their church experience better.
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Branding and Communication
Tips and Tricks for some clear and effective communication.
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Juggling To Do lists and Processes
Do you find yourself juggling your tasks and being pulled in multiple directions at the same time? Heres some tips and tricks to help with that
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Migration from the Pastoral Services Diary
16th April 2019
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Godparents' Sunday
Find out how the LED can help with Godparents' Sunday
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Join a Life Events Diary webinar
8th April 2019
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Our Christian Resources Exhibition launch
25th February 2019
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