Getting Started with The Church Organiser

Now you have access to The Church Organiser, you may be wondering where to get started. It can be quite daunting looking at a new system, and not knowling what to do, so we've provided a few ideas on where to start.
Each of these steps will build on the previous as you build up your understanding of how best to use The Church Organiser.


- Add your relevant Ministers and Clergy, and assign them to their relevant Churches:  

- Add any Custom Fees for Life Events:
Wedding Fees | Funeral Fees

- Switch on ACNY Enquiry forms for your Life Events Diary, and embed on your Church website: 

- Begin to add any upcoming services:



- Set up with iKnow Payment Processing, so that you can begin to receive payments for Room hire and Tickets

Room Booking

- Create and set up your Extras, Categories and Layouts. You can comeback and adjust these at a later date:
Extras | Catagories | Layouts

- Set up at least one Room which you hire out 

- Add your Booking form to A Churcn Near You and your Website 


- Set up your Ticketing Event

Hopefully this step by step guiide should help you as you begin to use The Church Organiser. You don't necessarily need to do everything in this order, but you may find it helpful. 
Should you find that you need further assistance, you can find more video tutorials Here and you can contact our support team directly here.

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