Print and Export

In this area of the Life Events Diary you can print labels to stick onto envelopes when you’re sending, for instance, invitation cards to invite contacts to services at Christmas, Remembering services, services at Easter or other special events.

Also in this area of the Life Events Diary, you can export email addresses of your contacts to import into your own email newsletter provider.

To access the Print & Export section of the LED, click the Print & Export button on the Dashboard.

In the ‘Main’ tab, which you will have been taken to, you can purchase labels from the Church Print Hub, print labels for everyone in your LED, export contact details for everyone in your LED and access the Communication Suite.

You are able to purchase labels from the Church Print Hub, by clicking the ‘Buy Diary Compatible Labels’ button.  This will take you to the Church Print Hub website where you can make your purchase. Label printing is made easier with the Diary Compatible Labels available from the Church Print Hub.  The labels will match up with the layout of the address labels you can create in the LED.

Clicking the ‘Print Labels for All People’ button, will generate a PDF file that contains the names and addresses of all people involved in Life Events that have been added to your Diary.  These are formatted so that they can be easily printed on labels from the Church Print Hub, or elsewhere.

The ‘Export Contact Information for All People’ will produce a spreadsheet file, that contains the contact details of all people involved in Life Events that have been added to your Diary.  This can be used to import data into any third party solutions you may be using to keep in contact with people.

Finally, the ‘Communication Suite’ button will take you to the Communication Suite in the LED.  From here you are able to send Emails, SMS and Letters, as well as having another option for Exporting to a spreadsheet file.  There is another video that goes through using the Communication Suite.

Clicking the ‘Baptisms’ tab will give you options to communicate only with people involved in Baptisms, in your LED.  You can set a date range, so you could contact people involved in a Baptism service in the next month, or all the families that have had baptisms in the last year.  

You can also decide whether you would like to send communications addressed to just the Child, just the Parents, just the Godparents or any combination of the three.  As with the ‘Main’ tab, you can choose to ‘Print Labels’, create a ‘Contact Export’ or use the iKnow ‘Communication Suite’.

The ‘Banns’, ‘Weddings’ and ‘Funerals’ tabs will allow you to do the same for those services.

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